How to Choose Truck Bed Liners in Addison

There are several types of truck bed liners to consider when purchasing a new or replacement one for your pickup. Those types include spray-on, drop-in, bed rug and bed mat. A drop-in liner is usually what comes standard with a new pickup. They are good at absorbing shock from dropped-in loads.

Spray-on liners are good for people who work with chemicals, but they are the priciest option. Rugs offer cushioning, which is helpful if you or your pets get in the bed of the truck. Bed mats are inexpensive and made of recycled tires. They prevent items from sliding in the bed.

When you need a new truck liner, stop in to see us at Addison Autoplex. We offer new liners and replacement options if you are searching for a different type than what you already have.

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