Oversteering and Understeering Impact Steering on the Road

Automobiles have hardware that steers tires onto certain zones on the road. When a car isn't fine-tuned, it may begin to understeer or oversteer; these steering habits can impact grip or control when an automobile is maneuvered around curves.

If a vehicle understeers on the road, its tires won't effectively grip the pavement when a driver rolls the steering wheel to the left and right. As this happens, the front portion of an automobile stays straight because the direction of the frame is greatly influenced by the drive system. Typically, understeering mainly affects cars with front-wheel drive. Oversteering impacts the back wheels on a car. If an automobile oversteers as it drifts around a curve, the front tires will grip the road more efficiently than the rear tires.

A car that oversteers or understeers can make the process of driving somewhat challenging. The big benefit is that an oversteer or understeer problem can be resolved. In Addison, many drivers resolve minor and major steering issues by visiting Autoplex Addison.

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