The Advantages of a Blind Spot Monitor

Automobile manufacturers have started to offer a plethora of innovative safety features that provide drivers and passengers with excellent protection. Our staff at Addison Autoplex in Addison, TX stays current with the features that are available with our models. One popular safety feature among consumers is a Blind Spot Monitor.

Blind Spot Monitors are standard safety features in about 9% of new models, and 57% of newer models offer it as an available safety feature. Typically, the highest trims and luxury vehicles will include a Blind Spot Monitor as a standard safety feature. Many consumers choose to equip their vehicle with a Blind Spot Monitor because it can reduce lane-change accidents. The IIHS reported that Blind Spot Monitors have reduces lane-change accidents by 14% and lane-change accident injuries by 23%.

Blind Spot Monitors work with sensors that monitor for vehicles that enter your blind spot zones. When a vehicle is detected, the system will provide you with a visual alert, which typically appears on the side mirrors.

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